Rocking in the new year with new reggae bands

The new year is just around the corner and I will be ringing it in with these new reggae band,with a little Bruno mars uptown funk, motown classics and the be-gees staying alive of course,but first Guys these new reggae and rap bands are sensational,they are really good!! Tell me how you will be spending your time?


Ending it with Bruno mars,the begees staying alive and Motown classics!



42 thoughts on “Rocking in the new year with new reggae bands

  1. The Koreans are rapping about shopping and being back in the music game again. When skull said am back and tough again,still love kush.


  2. I just bought this beautiful poetry book call Poems Spring To Life after reading about it on here in one of the articles,I must say I like what I read so far. Then I came across this music thread and it has completed my new years day! I keep repeating them especially skull and c jamm with jah vinchi nice video. Glad that you are back again. Bad bad sinting ba bad bad sinting like the video and rap!!


  3. In the first video they are singing about high grade kush and shopping and the love of reggae music,while saluting being a Rastafarian.


  4. I am german and growing my dreads and is ecstatic about my new hair,most of all my girlfriend likes it. I am one of the new dreads on the block especially in my town where you find that a lot.


  5. It is not uncommon to find rastas gun saluting the many years of their religion,and the religious plant associated with it known to many as ganja. My father gun saluted me and my sister’s 18 birthday,it was beautiful. As long as the weapon is not aimed at a person it is perfectly safe. We planning to get it done again on our 21 st birthday. God bless papa.


  6. United under the love of Jah. Me and my partner discovered Rastafari and has never looked back. We are very happy I like the peace and the occasional teachings of right and wrong of the rastas. One love!


  7. Ra’s Muhammad is not singing about a physical fight,but psychological fight! Lots of people around the world can relate to psychological fights,whether it be from an abusive partner or jealous abusive people. That,s why he stated in the song that he have to get ready for the battlefield, which is a psychological battle. Rastas from the jamaica always singing and talking about psychological battles and warfare,including Bob Marley so when men like Ras Muhammad start to join they will sing and sound the same. Women and men from the Caribbean are very familiar with these kind of messages,from rastas. I really like Ra’s MUhammad song.


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