PICNIC: Enjoy The Sun With Your Family With These Picnic Ideas

Pack a perfect picnic

Forget the beach. Gather up your favorite checkered blanket, a bottle of water (or wine, if you’re feeling adventurous), and a few picnic favorites and head to the park for some al fresco noshing. Simple picnic food is all you need. Memories of where you have your picnic and with whom, will make it that special occasion you were hoping for. When thinking about picnic food ideas, really eating outdoors can be as complicated or as easy as you want them to be. If you don’t have the time and you don’t mind spending some cash, then it can be as easy as going to the shops and buying some ready-made treats.
Top off a hike or ride with a basket of gourmet goodies packed in style.

Fruit is a great picnic food. For some quick picnic food ideas; If the weather is hot, and they are in season, there is nothing quite like a juicy watermelon to finish the meal.

Sandwiches: Seal in foil or a sandwich keeper. Put dressing in a separate container. Stainless steel lunch box

Fried Chicken
In small bowl, combine all the spices. Coat each chicken piece liberally with spice rub. Transfer to large Ziploc bag. Place in the refrigerator, and let marinate for at least 24 hours.
In a cast iron pan, fill halfway with canola oil, and warm over medium-high heat. In large bowl, add buttermilk. In another large bowl, add flour. Dip each piece of spice-rubbed chicken into flour, buttermilk and back into the flour. Add to the warmed oil, turning it down if it is too hot. Working in batches if necessary to prevent overcrowding, cook chicken until golden brown on each side, turning occasionally until done, about 10 to 12 minutes. Make sure the chicken pieces register 180° on a meat thermometer. Sprinkle with salt, and drain on a paper towel-lined plate.

Melon Salad with Mint Recipe

In a large bowl, toss together watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe. Add mint and toss to combine.

Prawns are delicious and versatile for a number of great picnic food ideas. When they have been pre-cooked and you can serve them up very simply with a jar of garlic mayonnaise and a couple of wedges of lemon. Wash them down with a lovely Chardonnay, a bottle of champagne or a couple of cold beers.

Cheese is another easy picnic food idea. Easy to pack in your picnic baskets, whether it is a lovely chunk of cheddar or a soft cheese like brie to finish off the meal with some grapes, dried apricots, dried figs and biscuits.

cream cheese
A cream cheese is also the base for many quick dips which can be made at home before hand and then used to start your picnic with either fresh vegetables such as celery sticks, carrot strips, cucumber, red and green peppers and other crudities, or with either thick-cut crisps and biscuits.
smoked salmon
Take slices of smoked salmon, fill with cream cheese. Roll up and slice into 2 inch fingers. Keep cold before serving.

Bring an assortment of kid-friendly and adult beverages, such as bottled water and juice.

Some ketchups and mustards come in mini jars that are small enough to throw in your tote. (Keep the jars to refill at home for your next picnic.)
Salt and pepper

Allow everyone to season their food to their liking on the spot.
Essential List for What to Pack for a Picnic

salt and pepper
small pat of butter
your 4 dishes
tea/coffee flask
tin opener
eating utensils
paring knife
cutting/cheese board
cups and/or glasses
small tablecloth
small blanket
A cool box (Esky if you are an Aussie, Chilly Bin if you are a Kiwi!) to transport food that may perish in high temperatures. This is imperative as fillings like ham can spoil very quickly.
games for the kids and big kids alike: frisbee, ball, chess etc.
suntan lotion
insect repellent
A fly swatter!

Stow everything in a lightweight, roomy carrier.
It should be large enough to comfortably hold all your picnic-goers and food. A light one that folds small is a bonus.
Tote, backpack, or picnic basket
Mattress pad or furniture pad

• Shade umbrella, if required


• Add bite lotion to first aid kit

• Disposable towels

• Hand wipe/tissue papers

Paper plates

• Plastic utensils (Use and throw)

• Napkins (or a roll of paper towels)

• Sharp knife, can opener, bottle opener, scissors,

• Pre-moistened rough clothes (wet wipes)

• Thermo flasks to keep drinks warm or cool

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