An asteroid the size of a city set to enter Earth’s orbit on Thursday

The asteroid, known officially as Asteroid 2014 QJ33 will fly-by Earth on September 17 travelling at a speed of 19,371 miles per hour. That’s 8.66 kilometres a second!
Nasa is tracking the asteroid which is predicted to be 48m to 110m, or 157 to 360 feet, wide – which could mean it is bigger than London Bridge!
But there is nothing to worry about – it will pass by our planet at a safe distance – precisely 1,592,819 miles away from Earth.Asteroids are giant space rocks in our solar system that orbit the Sun.
Sometimes they are called NEOs – Near Earth Objects.

Google says its carbon footprint is now zero

Google says it has wiped out its entire carbon footprint by investing in “high-quality carbon offsets”.
It became carbon-neutral in 2007 and says it has now compensated for all of the carbon it has ever created.
It also aimed to run all of its data centres and offices on carbon-free energy by 2030, chief executive of google announced announced.
Other large technology companies have also committed to reducing or eliminating their carbon use.
In January Microsoft revealed plans to become “carbon negative” by 2030
In July, Apple announced a target of becoming carbon neutral across its entire business and manufacturing supply chain by 2030
Amazon has set a 2040 target to go carbon neutral