30 Jamaicans left homeless as fire destroys their properties

A cry for help from a little girl alerted 16-year-old Jermaine Brown to the fact that a baby was trapped inside a house as fire engulfed a tenement yard on Pink Lane, downtown Kingston, yesterday afternoon.
“Mi see black smoke a come from the back of the yard, and a likkle girl run out and a cry say her likkle bredda deh inside,” Brown told the Jamaica Observer moments after he had rushed into the burning house to save three-year-old Romeo McFarlane.

The baby’s mother, Nadine Thomas, said she had just gone to the commercial hub of the capital city to fetch some items for dinner when she received a phone call from a neighbour telling her that her house was on fire.

“A town mi go and leave dem inna the house. Right now everything gone,” Thomas said.

The mother and her family of four were among approximately 30 people adults and children who were badly affected by the fire which started around 2:15 pm.