Meghan McCain Discovers That Her DNA Is Descended From African Slaves

Three of the show’s hosts took tests to uncover the truth about their ancestral identities and were stunned three years ago when they learned who and where they descend from.
The biggest shocker? The news that Meghan, who believed she was 100% American. An ancestor, many viewers took to the net to point out that her relatives may have been an enslaved men and or women. And also pointed out that the senegalese that ened up in america in those early years were transported there from slavery ships. The Sene-Gambian region (made up of the West African countries of Senegal and Gambia) were some lf the early contributors to US slave trade. 
The first people from present-day Senegal arrived in the modern United States arrived as slaves from several slave ports of Senegal. The Senegambia area (moderns Senegal, Gambia and Bissau-Guinea) was an important slave trade during the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, both for the United States and Latin America, exporting many slaves to the Americas. Most of the slaves who came specifically from present-day Senegal were imported to the modern United States mainly from the Saint-Louis port according to some researchers. , as well as from Goree Island (while, also are registered some slaves from Galam port in South Carolina). So, Goree Island, located a few miles off the coast of Senegal in the Atlantic Ocean, was the place from which the Europeans and Americans organized the export of slaves to the former British colonies of North America, during the seventeenth and eighteenth, and even after of the official abolition of slavery in the nineteenth century.

5 thoughts on “Meghan McCain Discovers That Her DNA Is Descended From African Slaves

  1. I’m very sorry for all the brutality abuse and rejection that your distant slave relatives has gone through meghan mcCain,hope you find the courage to pull through after learning all this.


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