Single black gay father speak on raising his adoptive son

I’m 41 now and it’s just always something I’ve wanted to do. As a gay man having children the conventional way wasn’t really an option for me. ‘As I get older it’s something that keeps coming to the forefront of my mind. So I picked up the phone in 2018 and started the process.’ Leon knew it was time to adopt his son when he moved house four years ago. ‘It was a project and I did it up knowing that it would be a family home,’ he said. ‘So once the refurb project was completed I knew that the next phase in life was to be a father. I bought the house and did it up for this purpose.’ Despite Leon’s adoption experience being relatively straightforward, he said that this isn’t always the case and that his adoption journey was ‘quite quick’. His son is now five-years-old but Leon is worried about the lack of diversity in children’s books, and said only four per cent of children’s books published last year featured a BAME character. Leon’s book aims to do more than just tackle the stigmas around adoption and he hopes his book can be a trailblazer in diversifying the representation of non-conventional families.

Leon Wenham, 41, is writing a children’s book about diversity in adoption
He feels there isn’t enough representation of non-conventional families in books
His book Me, You and Lots and Lots of Love aims to challenge adoption stigmas
It is National Adoption Week and Leon hopes to encourage others to adopt

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