English singer SAM Smith explains his female thighs and breast and being a non-binary person

As I started to address that, I started to address my gender and realised that I was holding myself to these ideals of how a man should look. I have girl’s thighs and I have girl breasts too. It started to awaken this conversation that had always been in the back of my mind,’ they said, of ‘coming out’ as non-binary in 2018. Sam admitted to growing up that way, wearing women’s clothing and make-up to school, with their parents fully aware and fully supportive.  Of the quest for love, Sam admitted to being single, saying: ‘I’m not looking, but I am hoping — it is like wading through water and trying to catch a fish with your bare hands. I am just sitting by the side of the pond now.’ In the interview, Sam also confessed to slipping up with pronouns once in a while, and admitted to wanting children by the age of 34.

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