The British Airways pilot who came out as transgender

Cat Burton grew up fascinated by airplanes, an interest first fostered by her pilot father, who flew with the Royal Canadian Air Force and later with Welsh carrier Cambrian Airways.
Cambrian, a component company of British Airways, later sponsored Wales-born Burton to learn to fly in 1971.
Before long, Burton was a qualified aviator, operating Vickers Viscount airliners across the UK.
When British Airways absorbed Cambrian in 1974, Burton began a high-flying career with the UK’s flag carrier airline that would span four decades.
“I flew all sorts of different Boeings with British Airways: 737s, 747s, 757s, 777s and retired in 2017, as a captain,” Burton tells CNN Travel.
Her favorite airplane? The 747. There’s a reason, she says, why it’s dubbed “the Queen of the Skies.”
“I was privileged enough to be the very first line copilot to fly the 747-400, in British Airways. I fell in love with the airplane, everything about it.”
When Burton retired, aged 65, she was British Airways’ most senior female pilot.

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