Lachu Ramchandani celebrating 53 years of business in Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica: Lachu Ramchandani produced 53 years of great service in Jamaica – As an influential business magnate in Jamaica’s private and charity sectors,it has been 54 life changing years for Lachu Ramchandani, a man, who has known the life of struggle, embraced it, and worked honestly and hard to become an industry changer and self-made man.

Ramchandani reflects on his struggles, his raising and his service to his people, as he entered Jamaica on this day, March 28, 1967. Where it all started?

Ramchandani was born in the south-east Asian state of Myanmar, formerly Burma. Ramchandani arrived in Jamaica in 1967, three years after his family was forced to flee their homeland. In 1964 his family had lost all their multi-million dollar wealth when they had to flee to India. His family was left with nothing.
Ramchandani had to work part-time between the ages of 12-15 to pay for the completion of his formal education in India. Amongst these years he spent three of them in the country as a refugee, before, arriving in Jamaica to find a better life. He worked with his uncle, Mr. Chetan Chatani, who owns Manhattan House in the country’s capital, Kingston.

Within a few years, his talents granted him the position to control and manage all five locations of the store across the island.successful businessman, philanthropist, a passionate and successful race car driver and, now, a real estate investor— this man is Manoj Ramchandani.

He has an intense passion for vehicles—specifically luxury and sports vehicles. This passion. This passion, which stemmed from his childhood, brought him into importing his own vehicles, into importing vehicles for his friends until a company has given birth from this passion.
“So Dream Auto became the automobile business and it’s currently one of the largest car businesses within the western region of jamaica .
“We realized that there was nothing here that was designed with intellect to make the product better—whether they were condos, apartments or houses—and spending a lot of time perfecting the product. Within all that, we needed to ensure it’s something that can be sold for fair pricing and be honest with customers. This thought process is how we came up with Dream Developers.
“We kept the Dream brand because Dream Autos became known for quality, honesty and providing fair pricing.
Manoj Ramchandani- Building his Legacy
Linking that to Dream Developers, we came up with Dream 36 —Jamaica’s most modern building. The project is valued at 1.5 billion JMD.” Ramchandani stated.
The project broke ground in November 2019 and upon completion, clientèle should benefit from high-end amenities such as First world conference room, 24-hour security, infinity lap pool, bar lounge, Jacuzzis overlooking a sea view, doubt-height lobby with concierge desk, RFID ID to the building and all access points, 24/7 gym, movie theatre, roof-top community area and a lot more.”

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