Jamaicans:Here is how they entertain themselves during isolation

Quarantine and Chill has even caught the attention of the Minister of Health.

who used his social media platform to encourage Jamaicans to stay put using the popular phrase.

With no social gatherings to keep them occupied; no parties, no stage shows, no round robins or street dances, we sought to find out from regular Jamaicans their plans to entertain themselves while the authorities try to curtail the spread of COVID-19. Here is what they have to say.

I am hosting home karaokes and having movie nights with my small family.

After work, I go home, watch movies and play games. Me say me wah do some push ups and sit up but it nuh look like me a guh reach deh so nuh time soon.

I will be listening to music and watching Netflix to keep myself occupied.

As an entertainer, I would normally depend on parties and social gatherings in order to pay my bills but now that a ban has been placed on my daily income what I do now is to continue to promote and market myself via social media. While I’m indoors I entertain myself by doing an online radio channel and share the link with my friends so we can all enjoy ourselves while at home.

Me a guh watch Netflix and Chil and play some game wid me husband and child. This Coronavirus thing can be good for some people because yuh know how long some people nuh see fi dem man and so? So now that the thing say fi stay inna di house, some man might go home and stay home now.

I’m going to be doing the basic things you would normally do when you’re at home; watch TV, exercise, have sex (laughs) and play games.

As someone who is heavily involved in sports such as basketball and netball and at a national level, I’m used to always playing a match or at least training for it. That was my source of entertainment but now all that has paused and everyone’s indoors we take the socialization to whatsapp and other social media platforms. It’s really down to that – Online games and so forth. I even had a prayer meeting over WhatsApp this morning.

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