Why it’s important for Caribbean people to check on their mental health

A Regular Checkup Is Good for the Mind as Well as the Body.
Taking periodic stock of your emotional well-being can help identify warning signs of common ailments like depression or anxiety. Such illnesses are highly treatable, especially when they are identified in their early stages, before they get so severe that they precipitate some sort of personal crisis.
It’s normal to be sad for a while after a personal loss or a traumatic event. But when the effects linger and begin to affect your self-esteem, or interfere with your ability to do your job or handle other responsibilities you may want to consider if you are suffering from a more serious depression that should be treated professionally.
Yes! Mental health services are available in Jamaica.
Mental-health care is available free of cost at all public hospitals and several clinics;Some persons may not like using the public health service because long wait times,but everyone who feels like they may need treatment especially after going through personal loss or family trauma must be encouraged to see a specialists before things get out of hand.
Private care
Private mental health care is available. There are several psychiatrists and psychologists who offer private services in the community. If you want more personalized services, if you do not like the long wait and certainly if you want to spend more time with your health care provider you may be advised to use these services. Check the telephone directory for a listing of psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors. Dr Wendel Abel is a consultant psychiatrist and head, Section of Psychiatry, Department of Community Health and Psychiatry, University of the West Indies.

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