20-Year-Old Pregnant Woman and Mother of One Decomposed Body Found in her Montego Bay Apartment

Execution Style
The tenants complained about a foul odor coming from the apartment complex located in Little River, Barrett Town, St. James. The tenants notified the landlord who inquired and notified the Montego Bay police who responded to the scene. Upon entering Brown’s apartment unit, the police found Brown’s 3-year-old son, who cannot speak, on the bed with a pot of cooked white rice and curry chicken.  The child state of condition was deplorable as he had on soiled clothing for days.
Police believed the child was in the apartment with the dead body for four days.
After opening a locked bathroom door in Brown’s unit, her body was found on the bathroom floor in a decomposed state, lying in a pool of blood. The decomposition of her body was so bad that her eyes and tongue partially removed from her body.
Other emergency personnel, including the Montego Bay Freeport Police, processed the crime scene and notified Brown’s mother.
The police are slowly investigating the matter as they await autopsy to be performed.
Investigators reached out to the landlord, who also lived on the first floor of the property. He was apprehensive on giving information on what he witnessed. The landlord alluded to assumptions and remained tight-lipped.
The property has surveillance camera and two secured gates that are under 24/7 surveillance. Police are revising those surveillance footage for hard evidence.

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