How to keep a puppy happy

Keep your puppy happy:


Dogs love treats because chewing on something makes them less bored,so make sure to stock up on their favorite treats;Dogs like a game of hide and seek and you can sometimes play hide the treat,you could even take them out to places like star bucks for puppy cup cakes and pupuchinos.

Puppy games:

Dogs like playing games with toys,especially if the toy makes a squeaky sound so get their favorite soft toy and play tug,or throw around a squeaky ball in the garden for them to catch,its not only good for their mental state but they also get some well needed exercise.


Dogs like going for walks. Take them out to the parks and lakes,let them sniff for as long as they like when they’re out on walks,let them have a dip by the lakes and rivers.


Dogs like to get close and feel the bond between them and their carers,cuddling stroking and patting will keep them relax and content.

14 thoughts on “How to keep a puppy happy

  1. I got myself a border collie after my ex wife won custody of our golden retriever,my life has never been better,border collie call pappy wake me up every morning and watch television with me in the evenings before bed time.


  2. I like that you use the word dip and not swim,I let my dogs dip by letting them stand in the shallow parts of waters but I do not let them venture out far by themselves to swim because that could be dangerous.


  3. Don’t take small pups to the park until they’re big,something might inadvertently happen when they’re throw in the mix with potentially dangerous dogs that are left unleashed by their owners.


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