Keeping hair cool in summer while wearing braids and ponytails











Wearing braids this summer? Summer is about carefree styles When it’s humid and hot,That’s just one of the things that makes wearing braids (also known as protective styles) throughout the summer so attractive;

Here’s how to maintain it: While this certainly makes life easier, it’s still important to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Try and keep it moisturized underneath your scalp,putting oil on your scalp will not really moisturize it for oil is just a sealant but that does not mean that you mustn’t use oil,use it because oil is good for dry scalp. Sometimes your scalp can be so dry that it gets itchy,and peppermint and apple cider vinegar oil in a spray bottle can be of good use.










Once you have oiled your scalp & moisturized your braids you need to tie them down.













This is especially important if you are new to braids or long ponytail. Try to find the best style that complements your overall style and is easiest on your natural hair texture.














“No matter what time of year, it is best to choose a protective style that doesn’t overly stress your own hair.

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