Tourism And Cannabis Medicine In Jamaica










To understand better the Jamaica’s relationship with ganja we have to go back to the Rastafarians but not only there. A member of the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), Ras IyahV, says “Just as a person eats when they’re hungry and drinks when they’re thirsty, they smoke ganja when they want to nourish their souls”. Bambaata Marley, the oldest of Bob Marley’s grandsons, says that marijuana is part of Jamaicans’ everyday lives. But although for this nation cannabis comes from a spiritual place, the country only recently began making its weed laws more user-friendly.










The purchase of marijuana from any marijuana dispensary in Kingston has been made possible so far through the new law of legalization. Namely, since then, the government has issued close to two dozen business licenses to business owners who like to start working as a marijuana dispensary in the country. One of the most famous Kingston cannabis clubs working as a marijuana dispensary is the Kaya Herb House in Ocho Rios. This cannabis resort works as part coffee shop part dispensary and part as a facility that cultivates the plant. Among the Kingston cannabis clubs, this one has the first legal ganja room that brings in the fancy Amsterdam culture of smoking weed in Jamaica.


10 thoughts on “Tourism And Cannabis Medicine In Jamaica

  1. Full time this was legalize the black jamaicans particular the rastas in jamaica work their ass off from golden times trying to get this holy drug recognize,people use to ridicule them for their beliefs now times are changing.


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