Exploring Japanese traditional fashion through pics




















When you think of Japanese fashion, you think of the kimono

Their fashion has always been recognized for its creative and influential designs and can make you stand out from the crowd.Japanese fashion is influenced by historic culture;

The kimono is a dress-like wrap-over that consists of many layers that are secured in place by sashes and an obi. The process of wearing a kimono requires a lot of knowledge to carry out the multiple steps and layers that form this piece of Japanese fashion.

















Traditionally, the kimono was handcrafted using hemp and linen materials that were crafted from multiple layers, today more luxurious materials like silk and satin are used to craft these traditional pieces of Japanese fashion. Kimonos come in a variety of materials depending on their traditionality and even depict specific seasons and events. Different fabrics, colours, patterns and styles are used to represent the different seasons and events throughout Japan in the intricate designs of these fashion garments.

















Today, many versions of the kimono can be found in the modern fashion world, with multiple fashion designers using the kimono as a foundation for their current designs, influenced by its cultural and aesthetic aspects. Although the kimono is a traditional piece of Japanese fashion, it’s influences have had a significant impact on Western clothing styles.













Other types of traditional Japanese fashion items include the ‘Yukata’, a kimono-like robe that is worn specifically in the spring and summer, the ‘Hakama’, a long, wide pleated skirt generally worn over the kimono, and ‘Zori’, a wooden sandal similar to that of a flipflop. These traditional Japanese fashion garments that are still seen in Japan have all influenced the modern fashion industry.

















Nowadays, traditional Japanese garments are mainly worn for ceremonies and special events due to the Westernisation and complexity of traditional Japanese fashion.

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