Lianne La Havas is your love big enough


Lianne La Havas album of the year winner of is your love big enough


I kind of always wanted my own music to just sound like, like me, I suppose, like if I was music it would be the music I make, I think.

Women who have strong identities, who know themselves, really inspire me.


I woke up this morning opened up my eyes and prayed, lord cos it’s a beautiful day no matter what nobody says Even though though it’s cloudy I can see the sun rays oh Cos it’s a beautiful day”


Sometimes on stage I prefer to feel more glamorous, so I’ll go all out when it’s a stage outfit like sparkly, colorful, and have a certain shape. If someone is watching it from far away they can maybe remember the shape or the color.

Her morning inspirations include the likes of Stevie Wonder, The Beatles and Coldplay where as her evening sounds touch on music by Drake and Erykah Badu.

La Havas began singing at seven, and cites her parents’ diverse musical tastes as having the biggest influence on her music


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