Taking Care While Making Christmas Special

Simple festive season tips.

During the festive season people can sometimes get carried away and forget about their health,so here are some simple tips.

Too much alcohol consumption can have a serious impact on your health,so it’s best to check the unit value of alcohol and if you’re not sure avoid drinking all together.

Try to keep yourself as warm as possible,as it will help to protect you from getting a cold,wear multiple layers,and if you’ve got an elder relative check in to see if they’re warm enough.

If you’re taking care of a person with dementia,reduce unnecessary noise like loud music and party poppers,as the noise can be difficult to process,and if they do not remember its christmas do not remind them all the time for it can lead to anxiety.

Don’t forget to destress,during this emotionally trying time crisis hotline do heat up,so set some me time apart,and invoke your senses with a candle light aromatic hot bath.

Peace and joy throughout the year.

Christmas Dream

Trees dance with glittering lights and tidings are everywhere,

The friends they call with shouts of glee,spreading the christmas cheer,

People rush to send friends cards they’re thankful and they’re glad,

Smiling faces true and warm and singing leads the fad,

The spirit of christmas merry hope brings wish to everyone,

The party hats tail waving cats those presents loads of fun,

Peaceful still nights the dreams that float in the season’d air,

And there’s a little rush within to start another year.

8 thoughts on “Taking Care While Making Christmas Special

  1. Thanks for the advice,my nan has been suffering from dementia for over three years and we’re guilty because we like to remind her that its Christmas every year,and sometimes it continues right throughout Christmas day.


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