How To Take Care Of your Cat In The Winter Months

Your pet is precious to you because they provide good company and bring you laughter and joy all year round.

Cats love comfort,they really like fluffy things and warmth,and when they’re not comfortable anymore they can look quite miserable and start to act peculiar.

So make sure that you give them all the comfort that they need to stay healthy and happy.

Wash their toys every two weeks.

Change and wash the linen in their sleeping baskets.

Give them their favorite food,and if they’re unwell put the medicine in their meal.

Keep them hydrated by filling up their containers with fresh water.

If it’s too cold inside your living quarters, avoid giving them showers, but instead give them a good wipe down with warm water and dry soap.

Clean their litter baskets regularly.

Avoid putting them outside when it’s wet snowy or drizzling.

When their baskets get cold move it closer to the heater,cats love warmth.

Play and talk to them,you’ll notice the difference in their eyes and ears when they’re happy.

13 thoughts on “How To Take Care Of your Cat In The Winter Months

  1. I once had a cat name Ryanair and she like water,pretty strange for cats to like bathing, my wife use to tease that she’s a reincarnated human.


  2. My cat hate catching mice,unlike my previous that use to be vigilant around the kitchen, this one would see z mouse and not even bat an eye lid


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