Leonardo Da Vinci: Italy’s influential painter sculptor and scientist

Leonardo Da Vinci italian roman artist who painted the Monalisa.

Leonardo da vinci was a scientist painter and sculptor;famous for painting the monalisa and the last supper. He was one of the best painters,and his work was seen as one which stood out from the rest. He was born in 1452 in italy and was skilled in maths and science,and was the scientist to point out that the sky is blue because of prisms,water particles and sunlight thats the reason we don’t see them in other colour. He was also known to draw with one hand while writing with the other,eventhough he was left handed.

25 thoughts on “Leonardo Da Vinci: Italy’s influential painter sculptor and scientist

  1. Great art can’t travel to Rome as I do not get much cash on the weekend, so its good to see that I can view it on the internet,imagine if they did put a cap on who is allowed to view what on the web, then most of us would never even know that such great work of art do exist.


  2. Why is Jesus holding a crystal in his left hand? First noticing it in the paint. Artist make numerous copies of it but they never show it with a crystal, maybe they do not know itvwas a crystal as it seem sort of transparent.


  3. I had just completed reading the poetry eBook A rose blume,that was sent to my mail box when I came across your website. I’ve always enjoyed going to art galleries, hoping to visit Italy soon.


  4. It was the da vinci code by fan brown that peaked my interest to the Italians life and art work. Never enjoyed the movie but the book wasca good read.


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