Michelangelo:The Italian Painter Poet And Sculptor Who Created Pieta For St Peter’s

As I was going through the internet archives searching for a poet, I came across michelangelo’s work.

Apart from being a poet who wrote several sonnets,and had a rivalrous life with another painter,known as raphael;Michelangelo was still in a league of his own and his name is known throughout the world.He is known as the painter who surpassed antiquity.

He was born in caprese in the 1470s and trained as a painter then a sculptor. In 1496 he was sent to Rome to sculpt pieta for st peter’s. He worked hard in florence in 1501 and in 1505 because of heavy demands he had a lot of unfinished work. He was also ordered to rome to sculpt a tomb for pope julius 11 and might’ve completed it in 1545. He went on to paint st michael the archangel,and the sistine chapel with scenes from the old testament,taken from the story of noah,the manchester madonna,the virgin mary and john the baptist from as early as 1497. Check out some of his famous work below I’m guessing from 1490 to about 1560.

17 thoughts on “Michelangelo:The Italian Painter Poet And Sculptor Who Created Pieta For St Peter’s

  1. There is so much different ways that Michelangelo uses,to express his art. Some artists stick to one theme, he on the other hand use all different ways to articulate the paintings.


  2. Even though I’m not into painting and I’ve only like sculptors,mostly Greek, I must say Michelangelo’s painting is interesting to look at.


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