Jamaican Producer Joseph JoJo Hoo Kim Has Passed Away: A Brief Look Into His Work

Joseph JoJo Hoo Kim sadly passed away after battling a long illness. The community is in mourning and is also celebrating his life.

He created Channel 1 and it was one of the most successful recording studio that started from the 1970s to 80s.

The studio developed a unique sound by using a house band named the revolutionaries at around 1975. The drummer was sly dunbar and bassist robbie shakespeare;The keyboard player was ansel collins and tommy mcCook played the saxophone. They used a clapping snare drum beat under certain bass notes,and that was where the sound called rockers developed from.

Joseph Hoo Kim was one of the first producer to introduce the re-use of old studio one rythms for new productions. It created controversy at first but,soon after it became widespread,and the Jamaican early dancehall sound was birth.

He brought out the first mix combining versions and sung while djeying on the same single with truly by the jays and ranking trevor.

Though he’s gone his legacy will never be forgotten.

A picture of Channel 1.

Channel 1 studio.

Joseph jojo hoo kim at his channel 1 studio, was one of the major players alongside vp records and studio 1.

He distributed thousands of records,by hundreds of artists and brought out the sound of reggae to a wider audience.

17 thoughts on “Jamaican Producer Joseph JoJo Hoo Kim Has Passed Away: A Brief Look Into His Work

  1. When I heard about his passing, I found out that prince buster and Byron Lee have also died a year and a half ago within months of each other, this is very sad. Its like we’re losing all Icons from a certain period at once. May their souls play music in the heavens.


  2. Singer nesbeth have suffered a terrible blow two years ago when his mother,sister and wife passed away in the same year. And now another reggae icon is being mourned and the community is just so shaken up.Rip Joseph hoo Kim.


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