This Week’s Books To Read

The Book Of Life is all about wellness and healing the organic way;If you’re into psychological holistic health care and is looking to regain control of what you eat,then this is a good read.

Zadie Smith’s collection of literature,cinema,art,is very engaging all the way through. The writer was elected a fellow of the royal society of literature in 2002.

If you like literature and looking to search more into the subject,then this book will give you more incite.

For those of you that don’t know what the word literature means,here’s the answer. Literature is a unique form of written language,that’s use to express art,cinema and life.

19 thoughts on “This Week’s Books To Read

  1. I like reading Stuart Hall’s literature! He reaches out in such a way it becomes an art form,it does not take long for me to connect with him.


  2. I bathe in the leaves for 30 minutes on the weekend,my husband loves the smell lol,we use to have the tree but cut it to make space for a garden,but we’re not worried because we buy the juice off the internet.


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