How to make a delicious glass of soursop juice

The soursop is known as a superfruit;another name for it is graviola,soursop is very popular at this time,because of its cancer fighting properties,and people everywhere can’t get enough of this sweet funny looking green fruit. My mom grew the fruit in our garden and most sundays we would be having a glass of soursop juice with our sunday dinner;for those of you who do not know how to make the drink,here’s how my mother use to juice the contents of this delicious fruit.

First make sure that the fruit is fully ripe,if it’s green with the spikes sticking way out,chances are it’s not yet ripe. If you did not buy it ripe but in its green state,you could get it to ripen quickly by tucking it into a brown paper bag and keep it hidden away in a cool area. A few days later check back and give it a bit of a squeeze,and if your fingers are leaving slight but not full dents into the soursop,the fruit has begun to ripe,but it’s not yet fully ripen. Give it a few more days and perform the same checks on the fruit,your fingers will sink deep into it and you’ll notice that it has a softer texture this time,and the fruit is giving off a sweet smell.It’s now ready to be eaten or juiced;And yes you can eat the ripe contents of the fruit as it is;it’s pulpy and has seeds so be careful when sucking on it’s pulp.

Here’s how to juice the fruit into a drink. First give it a wash then peel away the green skin with your fingers,or you could break the fruit into two or three parts and use your fingers or a spoon to put the fleshy bits into a container. Make sure that there are two bowls and a strainer at hand,one to put the fleshy bits of the fruit in and the other to strain and drain the liquid in.

This is the tricky bit,wash hands properly then grab and squeeze the fruit in the bowl,kneading it several times until the water start to take on the colour of the fruit,then place the strainer on top the other bowl and pour the liquid into it with the contents of the fruit;Once the liquid is drained into the other bowl,the fruit’s pulp will remain in the strainer,Put back the fruit pulp into the empty bowl and repeat the same two or three times or until the fruit stop giving off a full white liquid.

You do not have to use your bare hands,you can put a pair of gloves on,or you could use a spatula or a spoon.
When you’re done with juicing and straining,throw away the fruit,add sugar and condensed milk to taste,then grate some nutmeg on the top,and place into the refridgerator until it’s cool. You can have a glass a day or invite some friends over for a lovely delicious tasty and healthful drink.

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