Growing Up:Things That You Did Not Know About Vevine

An extension of her PT4 Biography

Vevine Goldson is the author of Poems Spring To Life;She was born to a fashion designer mother and a technician father;but she was partly raised by her stepfather,a world war 11 head soldier,he spoke german and english,and was also a priest. Her grandfather came and took her away to live with him when her step- dad past away;she lived with her biological father,uncles aunts and grandmother. Eventhough family life was not always perfect,vevine had a happy and neutral childhood.

Things that you did not know about Vevine while she was growing up till present.

Vevine’s parents enrolled her in a private high school that was situated in a posh area,overlooking another school that only rich white kids attended;the two schools use to compete against eachother in sports.Vevine left her private high school after a year and some months.

Vevine was a fast runner at primary school;relay was her thing,she was almost like lightening bolt.

When Vevine was around 10-12,she and her friends use to sing and dance to every madonna song they heard playing on the radio;another song that she use to like belting with her friends was;I’ve found my thrill on blueberry hill. It was an old enough song that a singer sang over,and that became vevine and her school mates anthem.

Vevine was once partially struck by lightening and never felt it,the lightening went through her,lit up the room,and for days,weeks, months and years,light objects with metal and metal strips would stick to vevine’s hands.

Vevine, when she was little had a ”pet rat” well sort of. Eventhough her mother was screamish about rats,vevine nurtured one when she was about 7-8 yrs old, because she thought it to be cute,and when he came to eat at the table,the whole family grew to like him and just accepted it as part of the family.

Vevine’s first movie as a toddler,before she even started kindergarten was a movie called speedy gonzales a spanish rat;she was taken to see the movie by her eldest sister;Vevine’s sister cackled with laughter but vevine as a toddler could’nt understand the joke,so she just sat there licking lollipops.

Her second movie as a two grader in a school cinema was a karate film;it was a ”drunken master” film,there was little english with subtitles but vevine along with all the other children could make out that popular karate vintage phrase,where a person that was wronged would give their opponent the side eye followed by I shall take ”revenge”;it became popular among her movie mates;they just kept repeating the phrase.

Her third movie as a child that she almost saw with her school friends at a cinema,was ghost buster;Vevine went with two sets of friends that disliked eachother,one set of ”bad girls” and one set of ”posh girls”so vevine was caught in the middle,vevine’s friends bickered back and forth about who vevine should sit with and they spend hrs tugging at vevine’s hands and arms pulling her back and forth;so vevine decided to sit in the middle,but that did’nt help,so no-one really got to see the film.

Vevine witnessed a robbery at around 16-17yrs old;Vevine boarded an almost empty bus and was wearing a lot of jewelry, including chains,earings,real gold bangles and rings late one evening. There was a gang of young men on the bus, and also a young man that was traveling alone;vevine did not realise who they were,she even sat beside one of them,and he moved over giving more space while he and his accomplices kept staring at the lone young man that was wearing the tiny gold chain;they never even looked at vevine when she boarded the bus to even notice that she had on a lot of gold trinkets,because they were too busy staring at the young man wearing the tiny chain. When the young man came off at his stop,they too decided to get off the bus,they pulled out knives and quickly circled him. A Scuffle began;vevine and the driver witnessed the robbery. Vevine often wondered what became of the young man.

(Four separate paranormal activies)

In 2013 vevine signed up for a new facebook account so that she could communicate with friends more easily;within a few weeks vevine located five friends and the rest were just random people;she had about a little over a hundred ”friends”. Vevine took a break from facebook because she was busy;but after a few weeks when she went back on to her surprise she had hundreds of ”friends,rounding it off to about 500. That was not the only paranormal happenings on her account,because she witnessed seeing her account typing all by itself. For weeks when vevine went on her facebook account,she witnessed her laptop,having chats with people,without vevine typing nor touching her keyboard nor mouse,vevine got scared and decided to sell the laptop.

One night vevine was writing about an ancient chinese philosopher;when vevine posted his pic and completed the article;immediately there was a rumble in the sky followed by noisy lightening that sounded like electricity current, it lit up her room window;the lightening carried on for about an hour.

One other night vevine wrote about a famous black egyptian queen,when vevine posted her pic and completed the article,immediately their was a loud roar of clapping thunder,followed by after effects of lighter sounds.

When vevine was around two years old,and her sis at six,she and her little sister were making a lot of noises while playing;it was late evening and their mother put both outside on the patio and locked the door as a punishment;but they were not left outside because the patio had a locked door,so they were technically still inside of the house. It was dark on the patio because it was late evening and vevine and her sis got scared,and started banging on the door screaming and begging their mom to let them back in. A nosy young male neigbour that was their playmate could hear the commotion and decided to play ghostly tricks on the two. He made so many scary ”ghost” noises around the house that vevine and her sis turned the patio that was also a part of the kitchen upside down,they screamed,pulled and scattered dishes,utensils and everything that they could get their tiny hands on across the patio,to hinder the ”ghost from getting near to them,they even splashed and spilled water all over the floor;when their mother finally opened the door,she nearly had a breakdown.

There are numorous other paranormal activities,but it would take up too much space to list them.

(Back to when vevine was growing up)

At all age school at around 11 vevine had a ”secret crush” vevine use to have very long pony tails,and the boys from her class was very troublesome and they use to antagonise vevine by pulling on her pony tail and then runaway. One in particular was the main culprit,so vevine after he pulled her ponytail decided to teach him a lesson,so she fought him,really hard,and he got beaten. They never spoke for a while,until the class split up into two groups,it so happened that he was put in the same group as vevine. During lunch break vevine and a group of friends sat around in class idly,then the boy that vevine scuffled with went to join her group,he sat above them and stared at vevine while singing the song earth angel all teary eyed;vevine and the boy became inseparable after that;because he left his boys group and started hanging out with vevine and her friends.

On Vevine’s 16th birthday her first gift was from a very good male friend;that happened to be her best friend at the time. He gave her a lovely jewel box that played two of beethoven’s famous classics,one was fureles,she spent weeks winding the box just to see the ballet dancer spin to that classic,because she loved that song.

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