5 Good Reasons To Read Poetry

Here I’ve listed five reasons to read poetry,poetry passes stories between people from all walks of life.Most poems are broken into short sentences; some of which are simple and easy and can be therapeutic for the reader. So carry on reading to see why it’s good to read poetry.

Poets find words and phrases to formulate things that mean something to someone,when they can’t formulate it themselves;the poet communicate ideas and feelings.

Poetry gives you a different perspective on life,while awakening your senses.

Poetry helps you to understand how language and symbols work.

Poetry is ”food” for the brain;it stimulates the mind and forces you to think.

Poetry is fun, easy to digest,moves you beyond your comfort zone and it does not take long to read.

18 thoughts on “5 Good Reasons To Read Poetry

  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsSuperb! I’m glad it articulates real life in raw details and not just metaphors,that some people can’t understand. A lot of poets do think that all readers are deep thinkers,and can analyse everything,but they need to get off their high horse,and cloud nine and get back to the real world.


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