A Shenseea Jeans Trend: Steal The Pop Reggae Princess Style


How To Look Good In Jeans Lke Pop Dancehall Reggae Singer Shenseea

Jeans are hot because they work,so Make sure that you are buying the correct size for your body type and shape,your jeans must look like it was made just for you.

Jeans are a comfortable item to be added to your wardrobe,it goes with most tops and is easy to dress up or down.

Wear a classic straight leg jeans with high heels,you can keep your jeans down or roll it once or twice over your anckles. You can sexy up your high waist jeans by tucking in a blouse and leave the blouse slightly bagged.

You can add taste to a pair of white jeans with peep toe red shoes and a blue long sleeved top.

A basic vintage washed out jeans can be worn in the fall season with a long coat or short stylish jacket like what shenseea wears.

A black jeans can look really good for a casual stroll around the block worn with push toe slippers or sandals,or for a more dramatic look pair it with boots.

Be a girl next door in distressed jeans,can be worn with a sleeveless top for a casual look or long jacket with  peep toes for a more stylish look.

Steal the caribbean princess jeans trend.

24 thoughts on “A Shenseea Jeans Trend: Steal The Pop Reggae Princess Style

  1. Tight jeans is not my style nope never my ass is too big for this kind of fashion. I find it easier to pull up a pair of stretchy tights than stretchy jeans.


  2. This young lady face is perfect,she don’t have to enhance her looks with plasto surgery to make her look attractive at least not yet.


  3. I like that her bottom/bum is naturally round and pert and not flat so she won’t be needing a bum lift. Plus her face is very pretty some people are born perfect and don’t need surgery to be beautiful.


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