Simple Things That You Can Do To Take Care Of Your Face

Always use a sunscreen if you live in a sunny climate and is likely to be out doors all the time.  Use one that has SPF of 15. Try to avoid the sun in the afternoon when the sun is hottest and its rays are burning the strongest.  Try to always wear protective clothing something that has long sleeve and wide brimmed hats will become beneficial in shading your face from the burning rays.

Spending long time in the sun can give you wrinkles, aged spots and other skin inflammations.

Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser, twice if you wear makeup and is working around dust areas during the daytime.  Wash your face using gentle circular motions, treat it like a silk fabric. Always remember to use a toner twice in the day antioxidant serum will do the trick must follow up with a night cream.Be careful when washing the skin do not overdo it until it is squeaky clean as you do not want to wash away the natural oils.

Drink enough water during the day.  Drinking at least eight glasses a day can help rid the skin of toxin, many people said that when they drink lots of water, their skin start to have a youthful glow.

18 thoughts on “Simple Things That You Can Do To Take Care Of Your Face

  1. I have the book,bought it a month ago,tried some of the facemask and they work amazingly well with my skin. Everyone has been asking what I,ve been using to give me that youthful glow! I just lied and tell them that its plenty of sleep. A girl got to keep some secret to herself.


  2. I just purchased that facemask book as a gift to my niece,she’s gonna love it spoiling herself trying them out. She really likes a good face mask.


  3. Seems like an interesting book,next week when get paid am going to definately order this book. My face is breaking out I think that facemask can help stop the breakouts.


  4. Good read l hate drinking water skin is showing a lot of dryness since autumn.l think Knight have to ignore the taste and just drink.


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