Looking Into The World Of Poetry

What is poetry?

Poetry is like a multi-colored crystal ball that is forever spinning and can be clarified as sensations, the emotions that you feel and communicate through a formulation of principle.Poems are like colorful images painted on an empty canvas that is being brought to life. Poetry helps some people to improve their emotional intelligence, because it is like a gateway of collective expression, the art of spontaneous potent feelings, which can be simplified as a fruit bowl with all kinds of produce, that are jumbled.

The different variations that are written are known as sonnet, lyric, ode, epic, rhythmic  rhymes, concentrated,limerick,ballad; and also Elegy a common form of mostly short poetry that honors a person’s life after passing while epic poems can be designated as moving through phases, advancing from one point to the next.

There are a number of ways that poets apply to express their artistry ;it can be old fashioned and classical or parlance a kind of illustration that is sometimes used by poet Phillip Larkin. Parlance are synonyms related words that is common to a group of people or a particular thing.

Another form of poetry is The expressions used in Shih Ching that is classified as odes spanning thousands of years in ancient China, The analects known as the (Analects of Confucius),an edited collection of the Hanyu Pinyin system of the philosopher Confucius. There is also the linguistic expressions in short English(patois) like the intriguing dialect of what Jamaican poet Louise Simone Bennet known also as Miss Lou uses in the 19970s when she communicated her art.

Haiku which are mood poems is a form of unrhymed lines from Japanese poets written in five and seven syllables; and was brought in the twenty first century by a Japanese writer named Masaoka Shiki.

Poems that are written in Scottish is known as Gaelic a Celtic language native to Scotland and Ireland, or Scottish English such as the poem (love and liberty) that is also known as the jolly beggars are written in scots and English by famous scot poet Robert Burns.

In case you might be wondering about the word itself? Poetry came from an ancient Greek word poieo,is known to be an art form for language imagery,word effect and significance of a presentation.

The everyday configuration of existence and everything that might be happening around you at one time or another are formulated by poets; It could be a variety of things, The way you feel, sentiments, your reaction towards something or someone, maybe passion ,excitement, or sensation, whether it be virtuous immoral or ecstatic! Like what you will find in the poetry book (Poems Spring To Life).Poetry at times sound confusing to a reader because it articulates the composer’s feelings and baffles the reader’s mind, so the readers find it hard to decrypt; while some poetry are straight forward and can indicate senses of peace and harmony, like this one.

Water enigma

Water ripples through a stream,

At midnight its brook peacefully gleam,

A hearkening sound of

Vibrating frequencies,

Energize the eternal passion of its

Ruling insurgencies,

An enigmatic force of sagacity,

Fine-tuned with the humility,

of a tranquil universe.


24 thoughts on “Looking Into The World Of Poetry

  1. Intelligent blogger so hard to find, as everywhere you turn its either about beauty treatment or some silly prat writing about home gadgets.


  2. What an amazing poem. I would like to meet the author of this poem,it triggers something inside me. I feel a bit of calmness after reading it.


  3. I have that poetry book so glad I bought it,the poems are beautiful and different each one is not a reflection of each other. They are all totally different! You can never get bored reading them. This book will turn into a classic years down the line as the author,s writing style seems classical and beautiful!!


  4. I just ordered my copy of poems spring to life hardcover because I heard that in the future it might be rewritten so I want to make sure that I have the original. Can’t wait to see what’s inside. I heard that it’s a good book.


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