Halloween Is Slowly Creeping Upon Us

Halloween is celebrated by a number of countries around the world. People spend millions of dollars annually to celebrate Halloween and scare themselves witless .  Halloween is known as all saints day which falls on the 31 of October the eve of the western Christian feast known as all hallows.

All hallows  is before the Christian holy day that falls on 1 November and all souls day falls on the 2 of November, that’s the reason the 31 of October  is called all hallows eve(Allhallowtide).  It is between autumn and winter and is celebrated with surrounded by superstition and spooky elements of display. Kids dress up in costumes goes from door to door to trick or treat. They are expected to be given sweet treats, fruits and other little sweet delicacies.

Researches of its origin can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival  known as Samhain.  The Celts would dress in vibrant costumes and walk around in them trying to ward of spirits, ghosts. The Celts believe that somewhere between these few nights the world of the deceased and living become hazy.

The feralia is a day late in October that romans use to mark the passing of the dead and another one the Pomona the evokes the roman goddess of fruit and trees.  The Pomona symbolises an apple which has grown popular among Americans that uses the bobbing of apples that is linked to Halloween,but today the most popular Halloween decoration is the pumkin that started a few years ago in Ireland.

The Irish use to use turnips and potatoes to make jack o lanterns but when they migrated to America they discovered the pumkin and a new tradition of making the jack o lantern was formed.  The association of Halloween with pumkins  is popularly known as jack o lantern depicted as a flickering light over peat bugs called will o wisp. You will find carved pumkins almost everywhere nearing the middle and ending of October.

Pope Gregory lll selected the 1 November as a memorable holiday to honour the saints and martyrs,known as all saints day. November 2  is all souls day when the deceased are remembered and prayed for so that they can find eternal peace in the after-life. Halloween  use to be seen as a pagan belief but over time it grew popular and people around the world has developed their own distinct way of celebrating it.

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