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The Things That’ll Help You Get Strong Toned Abs FAST: Get Ripped Fast, and Start Building Lean Muscles.


Everybody’s weight loss goals are different. Some people are looking to become lean and toned fast, others are looking to shed a few pounds to be healthier, some workout and eat well, others don’t.

Postworkout (PWO) Nutrition: PWO nutrition is hands down the most important aspect of dieting to burn fat instead of muscle. It is within the 15 minutes after a workout that your body is in dire need of nutrients. It is in a completely anabolic state, and what you take in can be optimized to ensure maximum results. If you are burning calories and sweating off a ton of fat, you need to feed the machine immediately after your workout sessions. A banana or a handful of nuts are convenient snacks we like.

Protein: You need tons. 1.5-2.0 grams per pound of lean bodyweight is a good general rule of thumb. You should take in a good portion of your protein in the source of real meals, avoid relying purely on protein shakes, as real food comes with far better benefits. The list foods with high protein bioavailability is extensive (Egg whites, Lean steak, Chicken breast, the list goes on forever.).


Water: H2O is the lifeblood of your body and does an incredible job of flushing out your system. Among the many benefits of drinking water, it also helps your metabolism work more efficiently so it’s an ideal piece of the weight loss puzzle. You should be consuming at least half your body weight in ounces of water a day.

Fats: Guess what? You need fat to cutting fat. We are talking about the granddaddy of fats, the EFA (Essential Fatty Acid). Good sources of fat are (Flax Oil, Nuts, Salmon, Olive Oil).
Cardio: Cardio and getting ripped quick usually go hand in hand. If you are wondering how to get ripped fast and lose belly fat, cardio is a must! 45 minutes to one hour daily should be sufficient, and should be performed on an empty stomach.

Note: This is a sample diet for a 200-pound man who is wishing to lose belly fat fast, get ripped, and get the hard body that they’ve been hoping for. We can assume his BF to be around 17%. This diet will NOT work for you if those criteria don’t apply to you; however it is easy to customize the below diet to take in account your own statistics. It is the principles that are applicable. Further modifying this sample cutting diet to accommodate women wouldn’t be that difficult either.
Meal 1: Lean protein, 1/2 cup oatmeal

Meal 2: Protein shake/lean protein (2 tbsp flax)

Meal 3: Veggies, lean protein


Meal 4: PWO Nutrition

Meal 5: Veggies, lean protein, 1/2 cup rice or oatmeal.

Meal 6: Shake with flax

That turns into approximately 300 grams of protein, 130 grams of carbs, and 50 grams of fat.

*Reminder: This is a PRIMER. It’s not mean to be comprehensive.

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Energy is essential in this sleep-deprived, overstretched, high-speed world. How do we recharge our batteries when there is a constant drain on our resources. When cells are receiving the energy they need, you in turn feel energized. Hormone balance also plays a role in energy creation, with fatigue being one of the primary symptoms of a hormonal imbalance.


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What are the benefits of drinking tonic?
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another user says It gave him energy.
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Although BABA Roots seems to be the most popular brand on the market, others, such as Zion Organic Roots Drink, Pump It Up, Allman Strength and The Priestly Order Roots Wine, all appear to enjoy good patronage.

Barrington Ray, who buys and sells BABA Roots, claims that when mixed with Smirnoff Black Ice and Rum, the tonic is “a smooth energiser”. These formula has been passed down through generations of family healers.

The mixture has been used traditionally as general tonic for the blood, body and nerves and people from all over the world that found out about the tonics have been using the all natural ingredients tonics to help boost their immune system, raise vitality and as a daily pick-me-up increasing vigor and vitality.

Made the traditional way with wild organic herbs, roots, and barks of the Caribbean , Latin America and Africa. Contains no artificial or chemical ingredients of any kind. Due to seasonal availability of herbs, roots, and spices, Taste and color may vary. Ingredients: Purified, Filtered & Distilled Water, Chaney Root, Sarsaparilla Root, Black Wis, Milk Wiss, African Cayenne, Sour Sop, Mango, Cloves, Pimento, Cinnamon.

Of course, if you are not in the tropics then the next best option is to try and purchase these roots tonic and drinks online. The options are not many but I noticed that Amazon currently stocks them.

Many men swear by these roots tonic and with science now coming to terms with traditional beliefs of the healing abilities of roots and herbs, a new global herbal market is steadily gaining momentum.


10 thoughts on “The Things That’ll Help You Get Strong Toned Abs FAST: Get Ripped Fast, and Start Building Lean Muscles.

  1. What are the options for pure vegetarians!!!i am so thin..i eat a lot but nothing happens..could you plz say what i have to do..


  2. Can women use these tips to build muscle too or do we have to use different rules, If I eat one medium pizza per day will I get ripped?


  3. Chicken/Meat is not good protein tho… Comes with alot of saturated fats and increases risks of cancer, diabetes and heart disease


  4. Chicken and rice for maintenance. Chicken and more rice for bulking. Or you can eat whichever foods that you like to eat while being aware of the nutrients in the food.


  5. well, I don’t think building muscle fast is quite easy as you think. everyone’s different and has totally different genetics.


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