Casandra Ventura: The Gorgeous pop beauty is firmly in control of her life and career, She is Casandra Elizabeth Ventura, known mononymously as Cassie, is an American recording artist, dancer, actress and model.

Casandra Elizabeth Ventura  She was a model who appeared in Seventeen Magazine when she was sixteen years old, represented by Wilhelmina Models. 

She was born to a father of Filipino background and a mother who is African-American, West Indian, and Mexican. Apart from music, Cassie is signed to modeling agency Wilhelmina Models and One Management. Cassie has modeled for Calvin Klein one and has been featured in magazines including GQ and Bust and becoming the face of ASOS 2013 spring collection, Cassie has appeared in adverts for Delia’s, Adidas, Abercrombie & Fitch, Seventeen, and a commercial for Clean and Clear. Cassie is known for being a style icon due to her “edgy style” and “feminine” and “sophisticated” fashion. Cassie is also known for setting the trend among women of shaving their hair, after Cassie shaved hers in 2009 influenced by punk



1She moved to New York to expand her career.

When she was younger, Cassie enrolled into music and dance lessons to hone in on her craft. Then, after attending and graduating from the Williams School on the Connecticut College campus in New London, Connecticut, she made the decision to move to New York and take her music career more seriously. Cassie immediately continued perfecting her dance skills at NYC’s prestigious Broadway Dance Center and simultaneously began booking modeling gigs through her agency Wilhelmina Models. As her popularity began to rise, her music career also began to take off.


3. Rockwilder and Ryan Leslie helped catapult her career.

Cassie’s parents initially encouraged her to pursue the performing arts, but it was music producers Rockwilder and Ryan Leslie that catapulted her career. When she was a teenager, Cassie was given the opportunity to meet with Rockwilder who inspired her to take singing seriously and enroll in voice lessons. Later when she moved to New York, Cassie became acquainted with Ryan Leslie and Ryan helped shop her music around and promote her to different record labels, Billboard reports.


2. Her mother’s birthday song was the start of her professional singing career.

AceShowBiz reports that after Cassie began taking voice lessons, she decided to record a song in honor of her mother’s birthday in 2005. She recorded the song with Ryan Leslie who quickly became a fan of the track and sent it to legendary music mogul Tommy Mottola. Tommy was immediately taken to the song and asked to hear more demos of Cassie. Cassie’s demos proved to be a hit because she was later signed to Tommy’s management company and the rest is history.

In March 2015, Cassie’s boyfriend, rapper Diddy announced he would return to producing and revealed he would be producing songs for Cassie’s second studio album. In 2016 it was announced Cassie would return to acting, playing the lead role in the romantic comedy The Perfect Match. Released on March 11, 2016, the Billie Woodruff directed film, stars Cassie alongside Terrence J who plays Charlie, a successful playboy who doesn’t believe in love until he crosses paths with the sexy Eva (Cassie)
Cassie’s musical sound is R&B, pop, and hip hop soul. Her voice has “character and ability”. Cassie cites Aaliyah, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Nine Inch Nails, La Lupe, Mariah Carey, Faith Evans and Usher as musical influences. Cassie also refers to herself as a “die-hard Janet Jackson fan”, continuing to say “I’d love to emulate Janet Jackson’s career—totally, Janet Jackson is an incredible and fantastic, from her moves to her voice”

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