Laurie Hernandez Is a huge fan of Tori Kelly

The 16-year-old Olympic gymnastics silver medalist spoke to Ryan Seacrest in a new interview where they talked about her skills,

music loves and more, before he surprised her with a special message from The Voice mentor Adam Levine.

“What’s up, Laurie? This is Adam Levine. Just wanted to say hello. Congratulations, you’re kicking butt out there and we’ve been watching you from the states. Excellent work,” Adam shared with a video.

Three things to know about Tori Kelly

What’s the story behind the “Sun Is Out” Vine; did you expect it to become so popular?
TK: Vine was very fairly new and I had been posting Vines sort of but it was super random. I was literally just in my car, being weird, and then other famous people on Vine were starting to do covers of it. I was so confused by it. I would get people coming up to me being like, “Who’s that girl from Vine?”
What’s your favorite song to cover?
TK: “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” by Michael Jackson.

What’s the most exciting thing about finally releasing a full-length album?

TK: The fans! I’m excited for people to dissect it. I want to get their take on it. People will come up to me at shows and tell me that a song touched them in a completely different way than I wrote it. That’s fun. Fans translating it in their own way.
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