How to Wear a Flannel or Plaid Shirt

Go the sleek and sophisticated route with minimalist two-tone plaid pants, like these, or add more of a punk edge to your look by going full-on tartan.   An over-sized plaid shirt can  be worn open as a cardigan, and looks like a cute layer.

Tuck your plaid shirt into your jeans and add a colorful belt for a streamlined look that is a little more dressed up.

Slip on a bright, oversize button-down with dark skinny jeans and ankle booties. Add some more color to your winter look by adding a bright, tailored coat.   For the office or post-work drinks, tuck a plaid button-down into a leather midi skirt and finish it off with a pair of pumps.

When dressing for brunch with friends, opt for khaki or army green skinnies and a plaid top.

Plaid or Flannel Shirts with Jeans. A great way to rock your plaid flannel shirt is to wear it with a casual pair of jeans. Depending on how casual you want to look, you can wear your shirt buttoned-up or left unbuttoned.

A jewel tone preppy flannel is perfect for weekend brunch, watching football, or trips to the country. Keep it tucked in.

As with most patterns, the key to embedding plaid into your outfit is to keep the rest of it pared back; plaid’s a bold, colourful pattern so let it do most of the work and look to style it with neutral colours that complement your shirt’s palette.

From its outdoor origins at Woolrich to contemporary high fashion advocates such as Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent – who does a great lived-in plaid, if you’re willing to pay for the privilege – to success at global retailers like ASOS, plaid’s versatility has been used as a starting point for alteration, experimentation and innovation, finding itself put across ties, coats, jackets, trousers and even underwear.

29 thoughts on “How to Wear a Flannel or Plaid Shirt

  1. Try the Over A Tee look but unbutton the sleeves and role them up just below your elbows. That is exactly what I have on right now.


  2. I find flannels so hard to size. I get a medium and its too small especially if it shrinks. I get a large and its way too long! 


  3. The only way I wear a flannel is tied around my waist. It just adds a nice pop of color especially when I wear all black.


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