Beyonce lemonade: is heading for No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart

Beyonce released a new visual album over the weekend, Lemonade, surprising and delighting fans.

The music and accompanying visual album sparked frenzied conversation and a rush to decipher Beyonce’s messages online.

The visual album was released on HBO, followed by the music becoming available on Tidal and iTunes.
The mothers of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, black men who were killed by US police, are featured in the video, holding photos of their deceased sons. Also featured is the mother of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager shot dead in Florida.

Among the famous black women making cameos or inspiring the visual album for Lemonade:

Quvenzhané Wallis, actress in the movies Beasts of the Southern Wild and 12 Years a Slave
Serena Williams, tennis star, who dances with Beyonce in a body suit
Zendaya Coleman, singer/actress/model

Amandla Stenberg, actress from the movie The Hunger Games
Winnie Harlow, former contestant for America’s Top Model
In “Lemonade,” Beyoncé travels between the present—a world filled with police brutality, marital rage, and alienation—and a past inhabited by her Louisiana-based female ancestors.

The album’s seeming transparency and frankness aren’t revelatory or unexpected. They’re the culmination of a half-decade that Beyoncé has spent refining her skills as both a visual stylist and a storyteller, and it’s her interest in narrative heft that led her to fill Lemonade with the slightest and most insular music she’s ever recorded. The result is an album that feels closer to movies like Kramer vs. Kramer and The Kids Are All Right than traditional pop records. It’s a devastating relationship drama with a complicated resolution, one that just happens to use songs as vehicles for its story rather than dialogue, and its soundtrack was created by the biggest pop star in the world.

Is this going to be another hit for Mr Vegas? check out his new single.


Mr. Vegas delights fans with his latest track “Identify My Love”, released on February 26, 2016.  The track is a mixture of original dancehall with the sweet, melodious vocals from Mr. Vegas.
“Identify My Love” is one of many new tracks Mr. Vegas has released in 2016. Other recent hits include “Dancehall Dabb” and “My Jam” Max Persona remix featuring Pitbull.
The track ‘Identify My Love’, produced by Mr. Vegas and Riva Nile Productions, is definitely a track the world can understand and sing along to line for line, which was his intention.
Produced by Mr. Vegas for MV Music, “Identify My Love” speaks to an experience we all know too well.

Mr Vegas has also released visuals for the ‘Identify My Love’ single, directed by acclaimed video director Jay Will for Game Over films. The video portrays everyday reality; The person you want to be with, doesn’t want to be with you, and the person, that person wants to be with, may not want to be with him or her. Mr Vegas himself can relate to this kind of rejection.

16 thoughts on “Beyonce lemonade: is heading for No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart

  1. Lemonade seems to offer an unfettered view into her personal life. It’s possible – even prudent – to wonder what’s being obscured. Its apparent authenticity is its selling point.


  2. I’m increasingly getting the feeling that a lot of these Beyoncé thinkpieces are merely a means by which middle class academics get to pruriently wallow in.


  3. Honestly, i genuinely hope they write an article about Beyonce every 12 hours until the sun goes supernova just to annoy all the people who come here to complain about how they are being forced to read these articles.


  4. .I don’t care what Beyoncé sounds like, her political persuasion or even if she is talented. I am just very content sitting back and looking at her in those insanely hot costumes she wears.


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