Ashanti: 5 Ashanti Tracks That We Absolutely Love

Ashanti is a singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer and actress. Ashanti is known for her eponymous debut album, which featured the hit song “Foolish”, and sold over 503,000 copies in its first week of release throughout the U.S. in April 2002. In 2003, the self-titled debut album won Ashanti her first Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B album.


Her second release continued her success and platinum certifications throughout the 2000s and her hit singles.
Ashanti wrote and sang background on Jennifer Lopez’s “Ain’t It Funny (Murder Remix)”, which reached number one on Billboard Hot 100, which was also in the top 10 chart at the same time as “Foolish”, “Always on Time” (with Ja Rule), and “What’s Luv?” (with Fat Joe).

Later that year, she was acclaimed as the “Princess Of Hip-Hop & R&B” by her label and capped off her successful debut by winning eight Billboard awards and two American Music Awards.

Ashanti cites Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Tupac Shakur, Mary J. Blige, Ella Fitzgerald, Smokey Robinson, Donna Summer, and Blue Magic as her musical influences.

Praised as a gifted songwriter by her peers and critics alike, Ashanti has written/co-written the bulk of all her music. She is currently working on her own publishing company titled Written Entertainment.

Ashanti – Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)



Ashanti – Good Good


Ashanti – Only You


Ashanti – Baby


Ashanti – Happy ft. Ja Rule


bonus track

ashanti mesmerize ft jarule


34 thoughts on “Ashanti: 5 Ashanti Tracks That We Absolutely Love

  1. I clearly remember when this came out back then , even though I was only 12 years old and damn i thought she was a bomb! Jesus I feel old right now.


  2. She sound like beyonce in the good good video. or should I say beyonce sound like her seeing that the good good came out before beyonce’s songs.


  3. Power to the people. I like old school songs brings back memories of rivalry when growing up in certain environment. It was just pure clean music rivalry.


  4. I love all her different looks in the good good vid, her makeup is on point.. She resembles JLo a lot.

    Ashanti is half hispanic right? I think I’ve heard that somewhere.


  5. I remember that last vid well when jarule was rivaling another rapper. I think it was nelly if my memory served right. POWER TO DA PEOPLE old school rap is the best.


  6. Mesmerize ashanti ft jarule wow the good old days of hip hop rap battle videos. This was the best. power to the people anthem video. Where is jarule these days? I want back those rap days when hip hop was cool and awesome and look like a movie.


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