OMI Me 4 U album

OMI: Me 4 U

While “Hula Hoop,” the second single from Me 4 U, might have suggested an entire album of songs working from the same script as “Cheerleader” (namely,  pop/reggae slathered in just-this-side-of-anonymous EDM and house music), OMI’s performances reveal more eclectic interests. The gleefully filthy “Standing on All Threes” mainstreams dancehall more forcefully than Popcaan or Specialist (who discovered and signed OMI back in 2009, and produced a few songs here), with dense, multi-tracked vocals, a wistful piano melody, and cheekily orgasmic guitar solo. It’s a more honest and less condescending love song than “Cheerleader,” and arguably even catchier.

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