What to do when someone dies: practical and legal advice

Holding hands - The Co-operative Legal Services

It can be confusing and distressing when someone dies. The Co-operative Legal Services understands this and offers free practical advice and support to help you through those initial, difficult stages. Its advisers can help with the practical steps to be taken immediately after the loss of a loved one and confirm whether it is likely that formal legal authority will be needed to administer the estate via, for example, a grant of probate. It will also explain the issues that you need to consider when sorting out someone’s affairs and what your options are.

“Dealing with probate and estate administration is one of our dedicated specialisms,” says Austin Gill, probate and estate administration solicitor at The Co-operative Legal Services. “We have a wide breadth of experience, ranging from administering simple estate matters to larger estates where there might be assets both in the UK and abroad.”

• Think carefully before deciding to attempt to sort out someone’s affairs yourself. This often requires a lot of form filling, letter writing and telephone calls. “We make sure people understand their options and choices,” says Gill.

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